Getting organised for a camping holiday

Camping holidays can be great fun but often they require a lot more planning and preparation. Packing for a camping holiday can be a bit of a nightmare as you often do not know what the weather is going to be like so have to pack for every eventuality.

Ideally you want to book camping holidays more last minute so if you check and the weather is looking like it’s going to be beautiful for the next few weeks, then you may want to try and find a cheap camping holiday you can book. With camping holidays, you often need to take more than you would than if you were staying in a hotel. Trying to fit all of your luggage as well as a tent into your car may be a struggle. You may want to consider hiring a bigger vehicle or even taking two cars with you. You can also opt for a roof bag which can give you double the space you had before. Some don’t even require a roof rack and instead come with a mat that sits on your roof.

When packing the car you need to think about safety. It is important that you can still see out of the rear of the vehicle and that there is nothing that could fall on someone and hurt them when driving.